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Xue Feng

Read about Xue Feng's experience at CAPhO 2019.

Kelly-Ann Wakeford

Read about Kelly-Ann Wakeford's experience at CAPhO 2019

Scott Simpson

Read about Scott Simpson's experience at CAPhO 2019

Tina Crosbie

Read here for Tina Crosbie's experience at the 11th Annual Canadian Conference on Lymphoproliferative Disorders

Julia Gomes

Read about Julia Gomes' experience at CAPhO 2019

Carla Pensack

Read about Carla Pensack's experience at CAPhO 2019.

Naushin Hooda

Read about Naushin Hooda's experience at CAPhO 2019 in Halifax.

Congratulations to the following CAPhO members who were acclaimed to the 2019 Board of Directors.  Esther Jadusingh

Chris Ralph

On February 22, 2019 Chris Ralph from Alberta Health Services presented the webinar entitled Navigating Pain Management in the Oncology Setting in the Midst of the Opioid Crisis Webinar?

Glenn Myers

#1 – Registration for the Phase 3: Live Workshop is open!

Lauren (Flay) Charbonneau

Join your CAPhO colleagues from across the country for a 60-minute webinar entitled What's New with Biosimilars for Oncology in Canada? presented by Flay Charbonneau from the Sunnybrook Health Services Centre.

The third annual Oncology Fundamentals Day (OFD) took place on Saturday, September 22, 2018