Publication Grants

Publication Grants

To improve access to the body of scientific literature and research, many journals are moving towards open-access models of publishing. While there are clear advantages to this approach with respect to making materials more readily available, there is often a publishing fee or article processing charge (APC) in order to cover publishing costs. While some researchers have access to funds that can cover this fee, many, including clinician-researchers and early-career researchers, do not. Further, these fees can be quite significant; the APC for an accepted article in CMAJ is $2850.00, for example. 

CAPhO is offering members grants to aid in covering APCs for those authors who lack the funds to offset these costs. The intent is to give authors an opportunity to publish work in a wider array of journals, and make it more readily accessible, as well as to encourage publication. The criteria and other information are outlined below.

Publication Grant application site is open year round.

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