CAPhO's Committees & Task Forces

The Canadian Association of Pharmacy in Oncology's Committees and Task Forces are made up of volunteers committed to representing the professional interests and issues of oncology pharmacy in Canada.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee coordinates the Awards and Grants Program.

  • Sarah Zorzit (Chair):
  • Shirin Abadi
  • Lori Emond
  • Vincent Ha
  • Naushin Hooda

CAPhO Conference Planning Committee

The CAPhO Conference Planning Committee coordinates the organization of the CAPhO Conference.

  • Lynne Nakashima (Chair):
  • Allison Jocko (Past Conference Chair)
  • Flay Charbonneau
  • Esther Jadusingh
  • Kimberly Kuik
  • Kim Schaff
  • Colleen Thurber
  • Pat Trozzo
  • Thanh Vu

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee coordinates the e-newsletter, the website and promotional materials and ensures that CAPhO branding is consistent on all our materials.

Social Media Sub-Committee

The Social Media Sub-Committee coordinates social media activities.

  • Meghan Mior (Chair):
  • Anna Xu
  • Jennifer Jupp
  • Kimberly Schaff
  • Maria Anwar
  • Naushin Hooda
  • Nishi Gupta
  • Pamela Yafai
  • Xue Feng

Education Committee Pharmacist – Advanced

The Education Committee Pharmacist – Advanced coordinates the development of the Drug Interactions Module as a part of Oncology Essentials and oversees the advanced educational activities for CAPhO members.

Webinar Series Task Force

The Webinar Series Task Force is responsible for reviewing webinar applications.

Education Committee Pharmacist – Fundamentals

The Education Committee Pharmacist – Fundamentals coordinates the Oncology Fundamentals Day.

CAPhO Oncology Basics Authorship Task Force (COBATF)

The COBATF is responsible for updating the current content of Oncology Basics.

Education Committee Technician / Pharmacy Assistant

The Education Committee Technician / Pharmacy Assistant oversees the educational activities for CAPhO members pertaining to technicians and pharmacy assistants.

CAPhO Safe Handling Authorship Task Force

The CAPhO Safe Handling Authorship Task Force was formed to create the Safe Handling Modules.

Fellow of the Canadian Association of Pharmacy in Oncology (FCAPhO) Task Force

The FCAPhO Task Force is charged with promoting the FCAPhO Recognition Program, collecting and reviewing applications against the criteria, deciding if the applicants are deserving, communicating the decisions to the applicants, and awarding the FCAPhO status to those who are successful. The FCAPhO is awarded on an annual basis.

  • Lynne Nakashima (Chair):
  • Carole Chambers
  • Jennifer Jupp
  • Christopher Ralph
  • Philip Shaheen
  • John Wiernikowski

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops, promotes and builds the value of membership in CAPhO.

  • Adam Gordon (Chair):
  • Maria Anwar
  • Flay Charbonneau
  • Lynne Nakashima
  • John Wiernikowski

Research Committee

The Research Committee facilitates research activity among the CAPhO membership and promotes research activity currently being undertaken by CAPhO members.

  • Thomas McFarlane (Chair):
  • Carlo DeAngelis
  • Ghazaleh Ebrahimnejadalamaki
  • Daniela Gallo-Hershberg
  • Vincent Ha
  • Nastaran Keshmiri 
  • Michael LeBlanc
  • Mova Leung
  • Laura Minard
  • Danica Wasney

Advocacy Task Force

The Advocacy Task Force coordinates CAPhO Strategy.

CAPhO Oncology Competencies Task Force

The CAPhO Oncology Competencies Task Force was formed to describe the unique competencies required for oncology pharmacy practice in Canada and provide recommendations for programs and/or resources for pharmacists to utilize for attaining (or maintaining) the required competencies.

Undergraduate Pharmacy Education Task Force

The Undergraduate Pharmacy Educations Task Force was formed shortly after CAPhO Conference (formerly NOPS) 2011 to explore opportunities between CAPhO, faculties of pharmacy and pharmacy technician schools. It will be disbanded once a strategy to target these schools for membership has been developed.

  • Jennifer Jupp (Co-chair):
  • Melanie Danilak (Co-chair)
  • Carlo De Angelis
  • Tom McFarlane