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Megan Hopkins

This past year I was honored to receive a Wild Card Learning Grant to allow me to be able to attend the CAPhO 2024 Hybrid Conference virtually.

Chelsea Normore

I had the privilege of receiving a Wild Card Travel Grant to attend the 2024 CAPhO Conference in Moncton. This year’s conference theme was Rising Tides Lift All Boats: Partnering to Advance Oncology Pharmacy.

Philip Shaheen

My name is Philip Shaheen and I have been a pharmacist in oncology for 14 years and a long-standing CAPhO member.

Rhonda Gibson

I had the opportunity to attend the 2024 CAPhO conference in Moncton as the recipient of a Technician/Assistant Travel Grant.

Michelle Chaung

I am deeply honored and privileged to be sharing with you my experience at this year’s CAPhO Conference as the recipient of the CAPhO Conference Student and Resident Travel Grant.

Maxwell Murray

I was the fortunate recipient of the 2024 CAPhO Conference Pharmacist Travel Grant and it marked my first CAPhO Conference ever. This opportunity could not have come at a better time for me.

Alicia Davis

I am grateful to have been awarded the CAPhO Pharmacist Travel Grant, providing me with the opportunity to attend my first ever CAPhO conference.

Assessing Cancer Drug Interactions Beyond Lexicomp Presented by Alisha Shivji  

Kim Nguyen

Read about Kim Nguyen's experience at CAPhO 2023.

Josee Rioux

Read about Josée Rioux 's experience at CAPhO 2023.

Maria Marchese

Read about Maria Marchese's experience at ISOPP 2023.

Lauren Hutton

Read about Lauren Hutton's experience at ISOPP 2023.