CAPhO Connections Podcast


CAPhO Connections Podcast Series keeps the oncology pharmacy community informed on matters affecting you and updated on CAPhO’s news related to education, awards, advocacy and research. Whether it’s your morning commute to work, a walk in the parkCAPhO Connection Podcast, or just relaxing at home, the CAPhO Connections Podcast will offer a convenient way to keep up to date with all things oncology pharmacy!

The CAPhO Connections Podcast is available to listen to on CAPhO's website, Google PodcastsSpotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Your Host

Christopher Tse

Chris Tse is a pharmacist completing his oncology-focused pharmacy residency at University Health Network in Toronto. In addition to being the host of CAPhO Connections, he also co-hosts Off the Script, a podcast centered on educating peers, students, and anyone else interested in the world of drugs and medicine. Chris is passionate about education and teaching within pharmacy.




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