The Canadian Association of Pharmacy (CAPhO) is pleased to act as a dynamic hub for oncology pharmacists and healthcare professionals to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate as members of the CAPhO Community. As a part of CAPhO's mission to promote, support, and advance oncology pharmacy in Canada, CAPhO's platform fosters a collaborative environment for members to engage in resource distribution, professional development, and the dissemination of oncology pharmacy information.

Endorsement Requests

As a leader in Canadian Oncology Pharmacy, CAPhO reviews endorsement requests for externally developed educational materials, programs, and clinical support resources related to oncology pharmacy practice.

CAPhO Endorsement Requests

Reach our Members

The Canadian Association of Pharmacy in Oncology (CAPhO) is connected to oncology pharmacists, technicians, pharmacy assistants and students across the country and around the world. Our website has a broad reach and our e-newsletters have a wide readership.

Reach our Members

CAPhO NCODA Mentorship Collaboration

CAPhO and NCODA have teamed up to offer student mentorship opportunities to Canadian pharmacy students and oncology pharmacy professionals. This dynamic collaboration seeks to change the landscape of oncology pharmacy in Canada by nurturing the growth of future community leaders and promoting excellence in patient-centered oncology practice.

CAPhO NCODA Pharmacy Mentorship Program