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Laura Minard

Read about Laura Minard's experience at CAPhO 2018.

Michelle Koberinski

Read about Michelle Koberinski's experience at CAPhO 2018.

Krista McKinnon

Read about Krista McKinnon's experience at CAPhO 2018.

Lisa Harding

Read about Lisa Harding's experience at CAPhO 2018.

Kara Browne

Read about Kara Browne's experience at CAPhO 2018.

Cari Corbett

Read about Cari Corbett's experience at CAPhO18.

Congratulations to the following CAPhO members who were elected to the Board of Directors.

Glenn Myers

The BC Cancer Pharmacy Education Program is a self-directed, online continuing professional education program that was developed by BC Cancer pharmacists to incorporate the unique perspective of oncology pharmacy practice in British Columb

On December 21, 2017 CAPhO was incorporated under the British Columbia (BC) Societies Act as a member-funded Society.

Glenn Myers

Phase 2 of the Drug Interactions Program will test your skills! In these Cases, there are 4 ‘paths’ provided as options – you are expected to choose the path you think best manages the interaction based on your clinical reasoning.

Join your CAPhO colleagues from across the country for a 60-minute webinar entitled Cancer and Sexuality: What Pharmacists Need to Know, presented by Dr.

Glenn Myers

It is my pleasure to announce that CAPhO will be offering a practical oncology Drug Interactions Program available to all CAPhO members!   The NEW  Drug Interacti