Lapelga® pre-filled autoinjector now available


Apobiologix, a division of Apotex Inc., expanded its product portfolio with the launch of a pre-filled autoinjector for Lapelga®, the company’s biosimilar pegfilgrastim that launched in Canada in 2019. Apobiologix, focused on the development of biosimilars for global markets, is the only biosimilar company to offer a pegfilgrastimLapelga PFI autoinjector. The pre-filled syringe for Lapelga will continue to be available to patients. 

The Lapelga pre-filled autoinjector, designed for simplified and accurate dose delivery, provides patients with another dosage option to the pre-filled Lapelga syringe.  The pre-filled autoinjector contains the same Lapelga therapy as the pre-filled syringe. The auto-delivery device has visual and audio cues to indicate a full dose has been delivered after injection. 

“We are proud to support patients by providing them with another innovative option enabling them to choose the dosage form that best fits their needs,” said Mike Woolcock, SVP, Commercial Operations. “Being able to use a pre-filled autoinjector means patients never have to see a needle while self-administering this medication, which is particularly impactful for those who have a fear of needles.”

For more information on the Lapelga® pre-filled autoinjector, connect with your Apobiologix representative or contact Apobiologix customer service at 1-855-276-7744.