CAPhO Educational Webinar Series: Evidence-based medicine through an Indigenous lens: an Oncology Perspective

Presented by Dr. Jaris Swidrovich from the University of Saskatchewan.

Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 17:00 PST, 18:00 MST, 19:00 CST, 20:00 EST, 21:00 AST

A decolonial and Indigenous lens will be applied to Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) as we know it as a means of re-focusing the bias we all share regarding EBM.

In one hour, Jaris will:

  • Summarize Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) through an Indigenous lens;
  • Name and critically evaluate EBM with regard to the knowledge system(s) that inform it; and
  • Describe intercultural counseling strategies that honour Indigenous approaches to health and wellness.

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