CAPhO Educational Webinar Series: Cannabis for AINV – is there POT-ential? now available online

The webinar 'Cannabis for AINV – is there POT-ential?' presented by Mia Aizon, 4th year PharmD student at the University of Alberta, is now available online.

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In one hour, Mia Aizon will:

  1. Describe the mechanism of action for cannabinoids to prevent or treat nausea/vomiting;
  2. Discuss the different cannabinoid formulations, relevant pharmacokinetics, expected onset of action, precautions, adverse effects, contraindications, interactions and proper storage;
  3. Summarize the existing evidence for efficacy and safety of cannabinoids in AINV;
  4. Distinguish the special populations and circumstances where cannabinoid use requires additional caution or should be avoided;
  5. Summarize the key counseling points for synthetic and natural cannabis medications in treating antineoplastic induced nausea and vomiting.

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