Now available - Biologics and Biosimilars – Information for Healthcare Providers

The pan-Canadian Oncology Biosimilars Initiative (pCOBI) has made available the June 21, 2019 webinar entitled “Biologics and Biosimilars – An introduction from the pan-Canadian Oncology Biosimilars Initiative.” Learn about biologic and biosimilar medications, including what they are, how they are produced and regulated, and how they may impact your clinical practice. 

You can watch the webinar live, or view it in PDF or Powerpoint formats (attached below).

Note that the closing slide outlines how to attribute the pCOBI and provides the copyright to the presentation (Creative Commons). Slides may be modified as long as this is indicated in the modified presentation, although slides 2, 39 and 40 need to be be kept in the slide deck if modified. The slides in French are coming soon.

The pCOBI aims to ensure that the implementation and use of therapeutic oncology biosimilars are appropriate and cost-effective across Canada. The pCOBI is a joint initiative between the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance and Cancer Care Ontario (in time, Ontario Health) on behalf of all provincial, territorial and federal public drug plans. This initiative is part of the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance's biosimilars strategy. Learn more about the Pan-Canadian Oncology Biosimilars Initiative.