Drug Interactions Program Updates – three to-dos for your 2019 list

#1 – Registration for the Phase 3: Live Workshop is open! There are only 24 seats and several have already been reserved. Don’t delay in securing your spot. Learn more about the Workshop and then head to registration.
#2 – Build your foundation. If you haven’t yet completed Phase 1: BC Cancer's online Drug Interactions module, you may want to do this now, as it will enhance your evaluation of drug interaction resources, interpretation, and monitoring required for common drug interactions encountered in oncology practice – great knowledge to have before completing Phase 2’s Cases and attending Phase 3’s Live Workshop!
#3 – Get adventuresome! Phase 2: "Choose Your Own Adventure" is now available online. Challenge yourself as you work through progressively difficult patient cases that will put your interpretation skills and knowledge to the test! Visit the Drug Interactions Program page for information on how you can access Phase 2. (You need to log in as a member to access the Cases).
The NEW Drug Interactions Program is a key educational initiative that has been developed by the Drug Interactions Task Force with the objective of providing practical strategies to managing common drug interactions encountered in oncology practice.
Don't miss the opportunity to take part in this valuable educational initiative! If you have any questions about the Drug Interactions Program, please contact me at educationpharmadvanced@capho.org.
Glenn Myers
Chair, Education Committee - Pharmacist Advanced


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