CAPhO Educational Webinar Series

Join your CAPhO colleagues from across the country for a 60-minute webinar entitled Cancer and Sexuality: What Pharmacists Need to Know, presented by Dr. Anne Katz from CancerCare Manitoba
In one hour, attendees will learn to:
  • Understand the prevalence/incidence of sexual problems after cancer;
  • Identify interventions for these problems in men and women; and
  • Describe how to initiate a conversation with patients about this topic.
When: Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 4:00pm PDT, 5:00pm MDT, 6:00pm CDT, 7:00pm EDT, 8:00pm ADT, 8:30pm NDT
Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation containing the webinar link and an Adobe Online information link
Please take a moment to print copies of the invitation flyer and post them within your pharmacy department or clinic offices. Also, feel free to circulate the announcement to your professional network via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Encourage your colleagues to become CAPhO members to take advantage of this great learning opportunity.
Do the date and time not work for you? You can watch the webinar at your leisure after the broadcast on the CAPhO website. Simply login as a member and visit the Watch a Webinar page
We look forward to your participation. “See” you online.