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The BC Cancer Pharmacy Education Program is a self-directed, online continuing professional education program that was developed by BC Cancer pharmacists to incorporate the unique perspective of oncology pharmacy practice in British Columbia. The main priority of the program is to create modules for the development of core practice skills, which are suitable to learners who are new to oncology or who want to refresh their knowledge.
There are currently 16 modules available under the Level 1 tab of the Pharmacy Education Program page on the BC Cancer website. Of the 16 topics, the Drug Interactions module has been one of the most frequently accessed modules, with consistently positive reviews.
The Drug Interactions module was designed to help learners develop their own personal process for evaluating and monitoring drug interactions, including the evaluation of drug interaction resources and identification of factors that contribute to drug interaction incidents and hospitalizations. The module reviews drug interactions common to oncology, such as QTc prolongation and natural health product interactions and uses specific case studies to illustrate learning points. The learner will utilize freely available specialty resources to complete the module.
Here's what people are saying about the Drug Interactions module:
  • “I really like how the module flushed out the thought process for the case answers”
  • “I like how it was interactive by the inclusion of the two quizzes”
  • “I really appreciated the refresher of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics as well as all the other links and material provided through the optional references”
  • “Drug Interactions is a very good module that should be mandatory learning activity for all pharmacists!”
We encourage everyone to explore Phase 1 of the Drug Interactions Program – a great learning resource for those new or wanting a refresher.
If you have any questions about the Drug Interactions Program, please contact me at educationpharmadvanced@capho.org.
Glenn Myers
Chair, Education Committee - Pharmacist Advanced


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