CAPhO Board of Directors 2019

Congratulations to the following CAPhO members who were acclaimed to the 2019 Board of Directors.

 Esther Jadusingh

"I would like to continue as treasurer for CAPhO. I would like to ensure a smooth transition to the new auditor/accounting firm over the coming year. I would also like to start recruitment for a successor."

Michelle Koberinski

"I am interested in continuing to serve on the CAPhO Board of Directors as the Director from BC for this coming term. I have been a CAPhO member for 10 years and am excited to continue the organization's mission to support and advance Oncology Pharmacy Practice through its vision of being a recognized leader of Oncology Pharmacy Practice in Canada.
I have worked in oncology for almost 20 years and at BC Cancer for the last 13 years. Since 2007, I have worked for Provincial Pharmacy at BC Cancer developing, implementing, and maintaining an Oncology Certification Program for pharmacy staff in British Columbia that prepare and dispense oncology medications. I dedicate much of my time to improving aseptic compounding processes that involve hazardous drugs and developing guidelines for safe practice. I feel that my experience puts me in a position to continue to support CAPhO in its development of training program for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy assistants. Thank you for your consideration of my nomination."

Humirah Sultani 

"My name is Humirah Sultani and I am a pharmacist practicing in pediatric oncology at the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary. Two years ago, I became involved with the Communications Committee as a pharmacy resident when I met our committee members at my first CAPhO Conference. Working alongside our team and specifically, our past two committee chairs (Soha & Chris) has proven to be both inspiring and instructive. I would like to build upon their work by utilizing my project planning skills, my tech savviness and my interest and aptitude for design. Primarily, I would like to focus my time and efforts into constructing a new website that is designed specifically to meet the needs of our incredible membership. Using the right platforms, tools and personnel, our committee will endeavor to construct a website that is easy to navigate, conducive to online member discussions and supportive of electronic learning. In addition to the website, I believe that a better use of technology & social media could help reach out to prospective members, including students and recent graduates. The possibilities are literally endless, and I hope to continue to work alongside our committee members while simultaneously taking on more of a leadership role."

Sarah Zorzit 

"Hello, my name is Sarah Zorzit and I am interested in joining the CAPhO Board of Directors as the Awards Committee Chair. I have been working in outpatient oncology at Sault Area Hospital for the last two years, with an interest in Oral Chemotherapy monitoring and dispensing. During that time, I have also been a CAPhO Member and attended the Drug Interaction Workshop at the CAPhO Conference in 2018. I have experience in awards development and selection from previous volunteer positions on the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Intern (CAPSI) and Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA). I am considered organized and an excellent communicator. In addition to the Awards Committee, I am hoping to continue with the Drug Interactions Module Task Force and interested in joining future Conference Planning Committees."

CAPhO would also like to extend its sincere thanks to two outgoing CAPhO directors for all their countless hours of hard work and dedication while serving on the CAPhO Board of Directors and helping make CAPhO what it is today. 


Soha Ahrari, Communications Committee Chair, 2016 - 2019

Coleen Schroeder, Awards Committee Chair, 2013 - 2019