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Can you identify hazardous drug contamination in less than 10 minutes?


BD® HD Check is an easy-to-use system to protect your facility from the risk of hazardous drug exposure.

We have created a routine hazardous drug surface contamination monitoring program to help you.

At BD, healthcare worker safety is our utmost priority. We are focused on developing new technologies to help you quickly identify and address hazardous drug surface contamination.

The BD® HD Check System is a first-of-its-kind hazardous drug detection system.

It provides a new way to stay on top of contamination monitoring and adhere to your healthcare worker safety policies, delivering a difference your team will appreciate.

Discover the benefits of test results in minutes, not weeks:

  • Rapid - Less than 10 minutes* to receive HD surface contamination results
  • Reliable - Uses proven lateral flow immunoassay technology to test for contamination on multiple surfaces
  • Versatile - Customizable to your unique HD needs, it currently tests for three commonly used USP <800> marker drugs, cyclophosphamide, methotrexate and doxorubicin
  • And more...
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References:  * Tests for select hazardous drugs. Surfaces with contamination at or above the limits of detection have 95% specificity and sensitivity.

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