Shirin Abadi - CAPhO17 Summary Report

I would like to thank Coleen Schroeder and the members of the CAPhO Awards Committee for their kind recognition and the great opportunity to attend this year’s CAPhO Conference in Banff, Alberta.  How inspiring it was to be surrounded by colleagues who share the passion to make a positive difference for patients with cancer, through clinical initiatives, research, leadership, academia, distribution and other related work.  From the setting to the venue, to the program and the entertainment, everything was organized beautifully and my congratulations to the hardworking team that made this conference a successful reality.  
I enjoyed the many stimulating presentations that I attended, and in particular found the clinical pharmacy key performance indicators talk by Dr. Olavo Fernandes to be timely for starting the conversation about the best way to capture the great work that is done by oncology pharmacy colleagues from across the county.  Since 2014, we have been collecting clinical metrics in all of our pharmacist rotations at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver.  We tabulate our metrics at the end of every accounting period and share the results with our leadership group.  We also tweet out our bottom-line, in an attempt to raise awareness about the great work that pharmacists do every day.  I am excited about what the future holds for oncology pharmacy practice as we embrace a collaborative approach to demonstrate our positive impact on patient health outcomes.
One of my favourite parts of the CAPhO Conference is the poster session, where colleagues share the great research that they have been involved with.  This year was particularly exciting, as there was a record number of posters presented at the CAPhO Conference.  I am very proud of my resident, Jolene Guenter, for her research project titled “Impact of Genomic Analysis on Response to Therapy in Patients with Advanced Breast and Colorectal Cancer”.  Jolene’s project determined whether the mRNA expression levels of identified genomic markers can predict response to cancer treatment.  The results of this project have led to much interest in the medical oncology community and have helped us put pharmacy on the map with regards to this type of research.
In closing, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the CAPhO Conference and the Awards Committee for this great honour.
With Sincere Gratitude & Best Wishes,
Shirin Abadi, BSc(Pharm), ACPR, PharmD, MBA, FCSHP
BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, BC