CAPhO Connections Podcast - Episode 6 with Judy Truong

Judy Truong
Year Created

Oncology 101 for Pharmacy Students

Topic: Pharmacy student perspectives on oncology

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Cancer is often a scary word when we hear it and almost everyone knows someone who has it. In today’s episode, we take a deep dive into how pharmacy students early in their careers are being exposed to oncology. We discuss what makes students want to pursue a career in oncology and dig deep to understand why it really matters to them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss why oncology reseach matters
  • Explain how students can get involved and exposed to oncology in pharmacy school
  • Disucss why the school needs to support more students who have an interest in oncology
  • Explore what makes studetns develop and interest in potentially pursuing a career in pharmacy
  • Discuss what makes oncology so interesting and why it matters to pharmacy students

Guest for this episode:

  • Judy Truong

Judy Truong is a second-year pharmacy student at the University of Toronto. She did her Masters of Science at the University of Toronto where she carried out research on colon cancer stem cells and then worked at a biotech startup called Acorn Biolabs for two years before starting pharmacy school.

Published November 2022