CAPhO Connections Podcast - Episode 5 with Shellyza Sajwani

Shellyza Sajwani
Year Created

Part two: Climate Change and Oncology Pharmacy: A focus on adaptation

Topic: Climate Change and Oncology Pharmacy

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The Climate Crisis is affecting all of us. As oncology pharmacists, we are on the front lines. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the impact of climate change to oncology 
  • Discuss how cancer programs are vulnerable to the impact of climate change, with a focus on natural disasters
  • Discuss how cancer programs cab become more climate resilient
  • Discuss how pharmacists can reduce patient vulnerability to natural disasters

Guest for this episode:

  • Shellyza Sajwani

Shellyza Moledina Sajwani is the current Chair of the Ottawa Hospital Pharmacy Environmental Stewardship Committee, and identifies as an oncology pharmacist working within both climate change and global health settings. 

Shellyza completed her Masters of Pharmacy at Aston University, and later completed a PharmD at the University of Toronto and later served as the co-president of Pharmacists Without Borders Canada from 2018-2021. Shellyza has also recently completed a certification from Yale University within Climate and Health. 


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Published September 2022