CAPhO Connections Podcast - Episode 17 with Melanie Danilak

Melanie Danilak
Year Created

Episode 17: Engaging Pharmacy Oncology Learners

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn” – Phil Collins.  This simple song lyric couldn’t be more representative of oncology pharmacy.  The pace of advancement in this field requires the need for constant learning. We will explore how we can harness our expertise and ability to learn to become the teachers needed for others to excel in this area.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the relationship between teaching and learning

  • Appreciate why teaching is a necessary role for oncology pharmacy professionals

  • Stimulate reflection on one’s own personal learning and teaching philosophy

About the Author: ⁠Melanie Danilak

Melanie is a long time CAPhO member and volunteer and spent several years practicing as an oncology pharmacist in the areas of breast cancer and rheumatology/ immuno-oncology. She has recently taken a new position at the Alberta College of Pharmacy as an Assessment Developer where she works on educational program development, assessment, and evaluation within the Competence, Practice Improvement, Structured Practical Training and Licensee Education programs. Melanie is a current member of the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board which accredits residency programs across Canada and was previously a residency coordinator of the Edmonton and Cancer Year 1 Residency Programs in Alberta.