Pharmacy Technician and Assistant

The Pharmacy Technician Series: Sterile Products and Aseptic Techniques for the Pharmacy Technician

By Johnston, Gricar, 2010, 2nd Edition - Part of the Pharmacy Technician Series, Sterile Products is a comprehensive book covering the complex practice of sterile product preparation and correct aseptic technique.  Updated in a brand new edition, this book covers the latest principles of aseptic technique, terms, methods, products and includes a "how-to" on standard sterile product preparations. It has current step-by-step instructions wiith color photographs of various aseptic techniques.

Compounding: The Pharmacy Technician Series

By Johnston, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2011 - Part of the Prentice Hall Pharmacy Technician Series, Compounding is a comprehensive book exploring the art and science of extemporaneous compounding. It covers the principles of compounding, terms, equipment, dosage forms, formulations, techniques and a "how-to" on preparing standards compounds. Pharmacy Technician students and professionals.

The Art, Science and Technology of Pharmaceutical Compounding

By Loyd V. Allen, American Pharmacists Association, 5th Edition - Compounding has always been part of pharmacy practice. Today, the need for compounding is growing, with the prevalence of drug shortages, outsourcing of compounding services by hospitals, and patients’ need for individualized preparations. Compounding pharmacies now have the opportunity to obtain accreditation.

Pharmaceutical Calculations for the Pharmacy Technician

By Lacher, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2008 - Intended for use in an introductory pharmacy technician calculations course, this unique book addresses not only calculations that technicians will encounter in retail, but also those necessary for compounding, IV, industry and areas where a pharmacy technician might be called upon more frequently because of the shortage of pharmacy professionals.

Pharmacy Calculations for Technicians - Succeeding in Pharmacy Math

By Ballington and Green, EMC/Paradigm Publishing, 4th edition - Pharmacy Calculations for Technicians Fourth Edition offers a thorough approach to understanding pharmacy calculations. Its extensive examples help students apply calculations in the workplace.Additional problems with solutions at the end of the book provide practice with immediate feedback; Pretest available to check student readiness; Study Partner multimedia CD included with each textbook.

Complete Math Review for the Pharmacy Technician

By Hopkins, American Pharmacists Association, 4th Edition - APhA’s Complete Math Review for the Pharmacy Technician is a friendly, self-instructional approach to lifelong understanding of pharmacy calculations. Filled with real-world practice problems and the author’s good humor and encouragement, the book is a unique training resource, whether for the classroom, the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination, or the pharmacy practice setting.

Clinical Calculations: A Unified Approach

By Daniels and Smith, Thomson Delmar Learning - The original is now a classic. Clinical Calculations was the first text to introduce the dimensional analysis method of calculating dosages, an approach rapidly becoming the method of choice for nurses. The fifth edition of this trailblazer showcases its proven strengths: a clear writing style, workbook-style format, strong IV therapy content, and clinical applicability. Critical thinking is encouraged in conjunction with memorized rules by asking learners to always consider whether their answers make sense.

Compounding Sterile Preparations

By ASHP, Buchanan and Schneider - This training and competency verification program presents the most up-to-date information on current preparation standards, safety, and science issues, as set forth by USP. It is appropriate for everyone concerned with safety and quality issues related to compounding sterile preparations, including pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, nursing staff, risk management, and the C-Suite.