Books and Publications

Review of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control Clinical Practice Guidelines Workshop

CAPhO Report, September 2002, Submitted by Lynne Nakashima - The Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control (CSCC) hosted a national workshop on clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) for cancer care on Sept. 13-15, 2002 in Ottawa, ON.

Report on the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control Human Resources Action Group

May 14, 2003, Submitted by Lynne Nakashima - The Human Resources Action Group (HRAG) is one of the five priority action groups of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control (CSCC) and consists of representatives from the various cancer workforce job classifications as well as provincial cancer agencies/programs. Its task is to identify common approaches to human resource planning and alternative models of care delivery.

Report from the Joint Commission on the Cancer Workforce

February 19-20, 2007, Submitted by Lynne Nakashima - Human resources continues to be a significant issue for all areas of the health care system. In particular, in the area of cancer management, there is a need to ensure appropriate human resources. For Pharmacy, including both Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians, there are significant challenges in ensuring appropriate human resources are available.

Response to the ASCO-ESMO Consensus Statement on Quality Cancer Care

Submitted by Gabriel Gazzé, 2006 - CAPhO Response: We have read with interest your ASCO-ESMO Consensus Statement on Quality Cancer Care published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology 24 (21) July 20, 2006 (p 3498-9). In section 7 of this article, Multidisciplinary Cancer Care, we were surprised by the absence of the clinical oncology pharmacist as part of the multidisciplinary team...

Report of the Second Annual Symposium on Cancer Drug Access

Public Policy Forum - December 2010 - Due to the importance of the subject matter and the importance of convening a variety of stakeholders, the Public Policy Forum has, for the second time, hosted a symposium which aimed to move forward issues central to cancer drug access in Canada. The symposium was held on September 30, 2010 in Ottawa and was organized in collaboration with Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Cancer Action Network.

Final Study Report on Improving the Safety of Ambulatory Intravenous Chemotherapy in Canada

January 14, 2011 - Full Study Report and Recommendations - Incidents with IV ambulatory chemotherapy, including the death of a patient due to a fluorouracil over‐infusion have highlighted the safety risks of this drug therapy.