NCODA Pharmacy Mentorship Collaboration

As of 2023, CAPhO has partnered with the NCODA to offer student mentorship opportunities to Canadian pharmacy students and oncology pharmacy professionals through NCODA's Pharmacy Mentorship Program. Program participants will receive personalized guidance from established pharmacy professionals and industry-specific resource kits that will provide valuable insights into a variety of career opportunities including clinical, industry, and academic settings. Students will also receive networking opportunities, leadership skills, and professional development tools.

The mentorship pairing process will be based on a variety of factors, including the mentee's focus, location, and compatibility with mentor candidates. The eight-month program is currently underway between October 2023 through May 2024, and will concentrate on the mentee's professional development, specific focus within the field of oncology, and establishing a relationship with their mentor. The program requires mentees to complete monthly forms to track their interactions and progress throughout the program until May 2024 and share specific areas that they would like to improve upon.

This dynamic collaboration seeks to change the landscape of oncology pharmacy in Canada by nurturing the growth of future community leaders and promoting excellence in patient-centered oncology practice. NCODA's Mentorship Program aligns with CAPhO's commitment to innovation, education, and enhancing patient outcomes, and will equip emerging oncology professionals with the skills, insights, and experience needed to navigate the complexities of oncology pharmacy. To learn more about CAPhO and NCODA's Pharmacy Mentorship Collaboration, including what is required from a mentor or mentee, watch this video from CAPhO President Jason Wentzell or visit NCODA's website today.