Renew your Membership

CAPhO members: You will be receiving an email with your personalized links for membership renewal and the 2016 CAPhO Conference registration. The subject line will be "CAPhO: Save this email for Membership Renewal and Conference Registration links."

As you know, membership provides you with educational events and resources, networking opportunities, recognition and participation, and strategic opportunities. If you are wondering what you have not taken advantage of yet as a renewing member, find out more on the Membership page. A few highlights include reduced registration fees for the CAPhO Conference, online educational events like webinars and our very own Oncology Basics module, access to the Sosido Network (an online community of healthcare professionals), and an extensive travel grant program that assists you in attending events world wide.

Renewing is easy. It will only take you a few minutes. Once you are done, consider letting your colleauges know about CAPhO so that they can join as a member!

If you have a three-year membership which expires after December 31, 2015, then you can sit back and relax!