Nominations for President-Elect due November 30, 2015

We are recruiting for the President-Elect position. Apply yourself or nominate another CAPhO member for the position. The deadline for nominations is November 30, 2015.

As you can imagine, the President-Elect has an impact on CAPhO and the workings of the Executive Committee. We have greatly benefited from Mark Pasetka's dedication to the position, and will continue to benefit as he moves into the President position at the April 2016 AGM.

We are now recruiting to fill the position of President-Elect beginning in April 2016. We would very much like the new President-Elect to be voted into his/her position prior to the AGM to all a smooth transition.

Your association is embarking on several exciting initiatives - online education is advancing, a strategic plan is being developed, and member engagement is expanding. It is the perfect time to join the Executive and help lead this fabulous association.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, view the bylaws for the President-Elect position description. If you would like to put forward your name or the name of another member who may be interested, please contact Jennifer Jupp via email at pastpresident @