CAPhO's Strategic Planning Retreat - Message from the President

Happy New Year CAPhO Members!

The CAPhO Executive has started out the New Year with a retreat in Calgary. Our annual fall retreat was postponed from November 2015 to January for personal reasons. The weekend started out with an Executive meeting on Friday afternoon. This year there are several Executive Chairpersons who have come to the end of their three-year terms.

Thanks to Roxanne Dobish (Membership Chair) and Biljana Spirovski (Research Chair). We appreciate their hard work and many years of service to CAPhO on the Executive. They will both be missed!!! Coleen Thurber (Technician/Assistant Education Chair), Colleen Schroeder (Awards Chair) and Chris Ralph (Communications Chair) will all be returning for another term. As well, there will be quite a lot of change on the Executive this April with the move of the Presidents. Mark Pasetka will become President, I will move to Past President and Phil Shaheen will join the Officers as President Elect. Jen Jupp will be leaving the Past President position after contributing so much over the last six and a half years! Thanks Jen – we will miss you at the Executive table!!!

You may have noticed that there has been a lot of innovative work done with the Awards and Grants - increases in the number of awards and grants and changes that will make the travel grants more available for members.

The CAPhO Conference 2016 this April is organized, and the speakers are all committed and ready to go. We are looking forward to exploring the Conference Theme ‘Can We Talk?’ and networking with colleagues from across Canada at Niagara Falls.

CAPhO has been working to make the Association known to government and other healthcare associations and organizations. We have been collaborating with the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies (CAPCA), the University of Toronto, and Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) on some important documents and projects. Stay tuned as you may be asked to get involved in one or more of the projects that come from these collaborations.

CAPhO now has an FCAPhO designation that members who qualify can apply for. This designation was the brainchild of Jennifer Jupp and Chris Ralph, who along with Coleen Schroeder worked together to create the framework required for the designation as well as getting the designation registered legally in Canada.

The Education Committee has been very busy under the leadership of Tara Leslie. Three webinars were presented in 2015, and have been recorded for members to access on the CAPhO website. We have been informed that these webinars have been viewed by over 100 members! The revised OBasics module is going to be uploaded onto the CAPhO website in February. This has been a monumental undertaking and I would like to acknowledge the hard work and perseverance that Tara Leslie, the authors and the reviewers applied to this project!!

The Communications Committee lead by Chris Ralph has been busy keeping in touch and spreading the word about CAPhO on various social media platforms. This Committee has also been investigating improved communication tools that may be used by CAPhO in the future. Stay tuned…

The second day of meetings in Calgary was devoted to a facilitated strategic planning session lead by a representative from The Portage Group. The Executive members used the information gathered from the membership strategic plan phone and on-line surveys to inform our discussions. The response rate to the on-line survey was 30%. Our thanks go out to all those members who took the time to complete the on-line survey and participate in the phone survey. From the two surveys, the Executive got an idea of what current CAPhO services members value and make use of. We also had more insight into what services and activities members would like to see CAPhO offer or get involved in going forward. One recurring theme that was revealed from the surveys is that CAPhO members would like to see CAPhO put effort and resources on professional development and continuing education. The most important area of focus according to members is providing an annual oncology pharmacy conference. A high percentage of CAPhO members indicated that they would like to see CAPhO engage in advocacy for oncology pharmacy and pursue collaboration with other organizations to advance and improve oncology pharmaceutical patient care. I think I can speak for the Executive when I say that the day was grueling - but very worthwhile. The facilitator kept us on track and in the end we accomplished a lot. We came away with five exciting, doable strategic goals and have assigned at least one or more Executive members to lead CAPhO in the pursuit of each goal. The next step is for the leaders to create objectives by the time the Executive meets again in early February.

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank the staff of Sea to Sky for their patience and assistance with managing CAPhO. I don’t know how we would have had the successes this year that we achieved without their help!!!

This year is shaping up to be a busy year for CAPhO. I look forward to seeing you in Niagara at CAPhO Conference 2016!
Joan Fabbro
president @