CAPhO Educational Webinar Series: June 14, 2019 Recording Available Online

On Friday, June 14, 2019 Azure English, BMus, MMus, BSP and Lana Dean from Saskatchewan Cancer Agency presented the webinar entitled Oral Mucositis and Stomatitis

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In one hour, Azure English, BMus, MMus, BSP and Lana Dean, BSP:   

  • Discuss patient cases of harm at SCA regarding “Koolstat” and “Magic/Mucositis” mouthwashes (Local, unpublished reports but were submitted to Health Canada Vigilance Program) and rationale for SCA not recommending "Koolstat" or "Magic/Mucositis" mouthwashes as per 2014 Pharmacist's Letter;
  • Provide an overview of oral mucositis and stomatitis: Contributing factors, consequences, assessment, grading (CTCAE and WHO), terminology, incidence, and chemotherapy vs radiation-induced mucositis;
  • Describe prevention of oral mucositis and stomatitis:  As per the ESMO 2015 CPGs (includes recommendations for and against an intervention), oral glutamine RCT, and SWISH study;
  • Discuss treatment of oral mucositis (as per the ESMO 2015 CPGs; includes recommendations for and against an intervention), stomatitis, oral aphthous ulcers, oral candidiasis, and xerostomia. This section concludes with our oral mucositis/stomatitis prevention and treatment algorithm; and
  • Discuss coverage of new mouthwashes in SK: As per the January 1, 2018 Saskatchewan Formulary Bulletin, all four mouthwashes (Dexamethasone 0.5mg/5mL, Benzydamine 0.15%, Doxepin 0.5%, and Morphine 0.2%) are now listed for our cancer patients.  Pharmacists can call NIHB for prior approval. 

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