Lori Emond - CAPhO19 Summary Report

My name is Lori Emond and I am the Community Liaison Pharmacy Assistant for CancerCare Manitoba.

I was excited to attend the 2019 CAPhO Conference in April at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel. This was an incredible opportunity I received as the recipient of the Volunteer Recognition Award.  I was honored to receive the award, which recognized my volunteer efforts which assist CAPhO to improve oncology pharmacy practice.

I have been working in the world of Oncology for 30 years but over these latest years, the changes happening within this field have changed at an incredibly rapid pace.  Attending the CAPhO Conference when I have been able has allowed me to continue to learn and expand my knowledge base.  This in turn has assisted me in my current role as an Educator Provincially for our Electronic Patient Record when I provide training to all disciplines in their use of our electronic system.

This year at conference I particularly found it to be very informative with the presentations on NAPRA Compliance and that journey as we are all in different places on the journey to compliance.  The ability to network with colleagues from across the country to ask questions, share processes has been incredibly helpful.  This process is complicated and a daunting task for each of us to comply with and the ability to talk and share with each other provides immeasurable support which each of us need.  All of this information including contacts, I have been able to share with my co-workers to help make our journey to compliance a little bit easier for all of us.  

I also was very interested in the Geriatric Oncology Presentation as this is a piece of education we have begun here in Manitoba as well.  This is a very complicated group of patients and medications often affect them in different ways with different things to be aware of.  I am again able to share what I learned with my co-workers as we continue to also provide this education to our various providers and support staff.

The Round Table discussions I chose were also great opportunities to connect and share knowledge and experiences in talking about repetitive strain and safe work around cytotoxic spills.  These are all things we are dealing with on a regular basis.

The CAPhO Conference is an overall incredible learning and networking experience which has helped me to grow in my knowledge to become a stronger team member who now works within a multidisciplinary team.  This knowledge as supported in all the work I do and for that I am grateful.

Being a volunteer within this organization has also enriched my working career and personal growth.  I am truly appreciative for all I have received from our CAPhO organization and all I am able to give back to it. Congratulations CAPhO!