Julie Melmoth - CAPhO16 Summary Report

20th Anniversary CAPhO Conference 2016 - Niagara Falls

julie melmothThe travel grant for the 2016 CAPhO Conference not only provided me with an opportunity to attend, it expanded my knowledge and I gained valuable information on news in the Pharmacy Oncology setting. It also updated me on the latest therapies, medications, developments and ongoing topics within the pharmacy and as to what pharmaceutical companies and other institutions or facilities are doing or where they are focusing their efforts. It also allowed me to network with pharmacy and oncology practice professionals as well as other affiliated companies and individuals in order to expand my professional group.
The conference covered a wide variety of topics and information relating to oncology practice for all healthcare professionals. One of the sessions for Pharmacy Technicians was a hot topic session regarding the regulation journey and future roles of regulated pharmacy technicians whether in a traditional expanded scope of practice or non-traditional.  Most Canadian provinces have either completed the process or are currently going through this journey. This particular session enlightened technicians as to what other provinces processes for regulation were and provided important information regarding the road to regulation, as well as providing an opportunity to network with a combination of regulated or non-regulated technicians.
Some of the information regarding regulation that was shared in this session by technicians from other provinces was very shocking in regards to their differences in the process or journey. Not all provinces commenced the regulation journey at the same time which caused technicians to look at other provinces to complete the regulation process.
The knowledge that I gained overall from this conference can be shared with co-workers and other staff at my facility, along with communicating and promoting the benefits of attending a conference such as this. These conferences are very beneficial for networking and professional development. I encourage all technicians to become members or get involved with these types of associations and to attend conferences such as this.
I look forward to attending more of these conferences and become more involved with pharmacy related associations in the near future to promote professional development.
Julie Melmoth
Regulated Pharmacy Technician
AHS/Cancerboard Hospital Pharmacy
CAPhO Member