FCAPhO Recipient 2017 - Carole Chambers

Mark Pasetka (CAPhO President) and Carole ChambersCarole Chambers demonstrates a far-reaching commitment to the practice of oncology pharmacy that spans a number of decades. This commitment is within her ‘day job’ where she leads a team of dedicated oncology practitioners in Alberta, as well as serving as Co-Chair on the Systemic Therapy Council and Secretary on Alberta’s Cancer Drug Evaluation Committee. Her dedication to mentoring and supporting leadership can be traced by the number of engaged Alberta oncology practitioners who she supports in pursuing presentations, publications, and to contribute their volunteer time and activity in oncology. Carole’s vision was achieved in both creating an oncology therapeutics course at the university level for all pharmacists and initiating an accredited pharmacy residency with a focus in oncology. Carole’s commitment has also been exemplified in both her national and international contributions to oncology practice. She has over 58 peer reviewed publications, has presented at various conferences and forums, serves on numerous committees, and was elected as President for the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy. Her national work has expanded beyond CAPhO to embrace three additional groups – the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies (CAPCA) where she chairs a drug shortage task group and participates as an Alberta member in the Systemic Therapy Safety Committee and the Canadian Drug Implementation Advisory Committee (CDIAC), the pan Canadian Oncology Drug review (pCODR) where she sits as Alberta’s cancer representative on the Provincial Advisory Committee on implementation issues, and finally she is an active member of the more recent Pan Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pcpa) for national negotiations for better cost effectiveness on new drugs once they receive a positive pCODR recommendation. She is an experienced negotiator which is helping oncology patient access through national negotiations. Carole views her greatest accomplishments to be within the medication safety area for oncology patients: collaborating with ISMP Canada to create an international oncology medication safety assessment (MSSA) tool and most recently being invited to serve on the ISMP Board. Carole has actively sought to practice oncology pharmacy to the highest standards – whether that is adopting international standards for one drug in a hood at a time,  adopting USP standards around microbial sterility considerations alongside chemical stability long before NAPRA arrived, using closed systems for workplace contamination minimization and doing confirmatory testing and publishing as this area emerged, expecting clinically deployed pharmacists to obtain their prescribing authorization in Alberta, or technicians working to their full scope of practice and doing product checking. Creativity in addressing issues allows the entire team to move us forward and improve our standards of practice – through the embedded worksheets and more recently the eLearning simulation on chemotherapy checking. Collaboration, team, leadership and taking the path less worn are all words that can describe Carole in oncology practice. Perhaps the card Carole recently received from a colleague in nursing leadership sums it up best: -“Carole you make things happen, always with a focus on the patient, and I love working with you”