Deep Patel - CAPhO18 Summary Report

#CAPhOCon18 – It was the first time that I attended this conference. I learned a lot in these 4 days. It was very well-balanced with activities that included ice-breakers, role-playing, yoga, running, talk on resilience, gala entertainment, hot-topic discussions, and hearing directly from cancer patients about their journey through this challenge. Overall, it not only helped me improve as a clinician but also as a person.

We started with the Drug Interactions Workshop which turned out to be a great learning piece led by Tara, Jason, Glenn and Tiffany. One big takeaway was to understand not to just superficially look at the interactions, but dig deeper into the evidence behind and its clinical relevance. An interaction that may be significant for one patient may not hold the same clinical relevance for another.

This was followed by multiple satellite symposium talks where a range of topics were discussed including the science behind biosimilars, management of specific cancer types (e.g. NSCLC, NET’s), cancer related fatigue, and formulation advances in oncology. These sessions highlighted research in various areas, updates coming out of recent clinical trials, and the need for system improvement in oncology setting (e.g. NAPRA standards compliance for single use vials).

The plenary talks were also very helpful – I specifically liked the one on shared decision making and speaking to patients about numbers. This will help me change the way I present information to patients in practice. This year we had over 50 posters and it gave me an insight into the clinical and non-clinical research surrounding oncology. Due to my background in research, I could connect with others to obtain ideas on how I can imply my research skills into pharmacy practice. Thanks to CAPhO for organizing such a great event, and considering me worthy of the Student Member Award. I hope to get an opportunity to become fully trained in oncology practice one day and use my research expertise to better our practice and profession.

Deep Patel