Corrine Cassavant - CAPhO16 Summary Report

corrine cassavantCAPhO 2016, Niagara Falls was my first CAPhO conference. What an amazing experience, it was great to spend time with so many others that shared the same passion for learning about oncology and pharmacy. I was surprised at how many different people took the time to welcome me to my first conference because of the red ribbon on my nametag. 
For me the learning started before I even got to the CAPhO Conference. I was lucky enough that a co-worker of mine asked me to help her in preparing a poster to submit to the conference. It was a great opportunity for me to learn from her on how to compile date and present it in a way that is interesting as well as beneficial to others in the oncology pharmacy field. I was extremely impressed when all the posters went up. Many of them had relevant information that related directly to items of interest that we have at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre. 
I enjoyed all the sessions and appreciate all the planning that must have went on by the planning committee and the work of the presenters. Having the break away sessions was a great way to learn in smaller groups and learn information that might relate more specifically to our own area of interest. 
Everyone from the Saskatoon Cancer Agency that had the opportunity to attend CAPhO 2016 has to put together a summary of something that they learned at the conference. My presentation is not going to be a summary of a specific session. The biggest surprise for me after listening to panel discussions, talking to others in the break away sessions and talking to some of the other attendees is that even though we are all working in the same pharmacy field of oncology in the same country there is a wide degree of differences in the way we each practice. I am going to present my thoughts on these differences to my co-workers. 
During the technician stream sessions I was given a lot of information that makes me think about the way we are doing things in regards to aseptic preparation and the ways we might be able to improve or continue to work on what we are doing. It also makes me appreciate all the changes that have been made and all the correct reasons that those changes were made. 
Like a lot of other technicians I am currently on the road to becoming a Regulated Pharmacy Technician. It was great to talk with others who have completed the regulation and hear any suggestions they may have whether it is a study tip or how to deal with the stresses of working, having a home life and trying to study. 
I truly appreciate being given the opportunity to attend my first CAPhO conference by receiving the travel grant. I have suggested applying for this award to many of my coworkers because I think that a CAPhO conference is something that everyone in the Oncology Pharmacy field should have a chance to enjoy. I hope that I have many more CAPhO conferences in my future. 
Corrine Cassavant