CAPhO Conference 2023

Venue and Accommodation

Westin Harbour Castle

The CAPhO Conference 2023 will take place at The Westin Harbour Castle, which is located on the waterfront in downtown Toronto and in close proximity to many of Toronto's attractions. 

The hotel address is: 
1 Harbour Square, Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A6
Map and Directions


The CAPhO Conference guestroom block at the Westin Harbour Castle is sold out. 

You may want to look at other hotels that are in close proximity to the Westin Harbour Castle, and note that the underground walkway PATH system does end at the Westin Harbour Castle, and you can also take transit to the Queens’ Quay Station which is located at the Westin Harbour Castle.

Child care during CAPhO Conference 2023

Child Care services are available at the Conference through Improv Care Group Child Care Services, a company recommended by the Westin Harbour Castle.  Improv Care provides group child care and day care programs for children on site at conferences, events and consumer shows.  Activity plans are developed according to the age and interests of the children in the group and are delivered in an active, engaging way by an Improv Care team. 

Please contact Dahla MacKenna at or 647-287-5433 if you require more information and/or would like to make a booking.

Disclaimer: CAPhO takes no responsibility for the hotel’s recommendation and/or the services provided by Improv Care Group Child Care Services.  Use of child care services is at your own risk.