Seeking Excellence: Planning CAPhO's Future

The decision to develop a strategic plan is never one to take lightly. The work is involved and requires time and attention. It actively encourages people to get on the same page. It also requires people to look in the organization mirror and accept what they see… for better or worse.  
So, why do so many organizations choose to go down this path? Simply put, they realize that at one point of another, they must. Done well, the process of building and implementing a strategic plan can be a game changer. Done poorly or halfheartedly, it can be an exercise empty of real purpose and effect.  
CAPhO has made the decision to seek excellence. The Executive Council (EC) has looked in the mirror, and effectively said, “ CAPhO can be better.” In fact, they have made a commitment that CAPhO is to become a high performing organization … and that spells strategy.
First, and most importantly, CAPhO realizes that this is not a process to be done in the cloistered atmosphere of a boardroom. Developing a strategy for a member- driven association must be member-driven as well. The input, ideas, perspectives, and aspirations of members must be gathered and well understood. Without this, the process bogs down and becomes disconnected from important realities.  
CAPhO is actively reaching out through telephone interviews with randomly selected members and following that up with an on-line survey that will be administered for all members. Member feedback is a critical input to strategy development.
The Executive Council will also be engaged within a facilitated process to better understand how the environment for members and oncology pharmacy in general is changing and how this may be driving current and emerging needs. The EC’s goal is to develop a strategic plan that will shape direction and guide decision-making for CAPhO for the next several years. The plan will be the foundation for specific mid- and longer-term objectives for CAPhO that will serve and advance members’ interests. To their credit, the EC has declared that the measurement of CAPhO progress on these objectives will be a non-negotiable organizational accountability. 
It is an exciting time to be a part of CAPhO. The development of a strategic plan holds the promise of change, renewal and action. It is an invitation to all to bring forward their best thinking in an atmosphere of trust and collaboration. It is time to build the future.