CAPhO Merit Award

This award consists of a certificate and a cash award of $1,000 given to a practicing oncology pharmacist(s), pharmacy technician(s)/assistant(s) who are members of CAPhO. It is given in recognition of a project/innovation in oncology pharmacy aimed at improving patient care and outcomes. There are two (2) awards of $1,000 available each year. 

Eligible candidates

The candidate must be a CAPhO member who has paid their annual dues prior to February 1st of the nomination year. If it is a group that is nominated, the group leader must be a CAPhO member and the award is given and presented on their behalf.

Eligible projects/endeavours

  • A project serving a useful purpose, community service project or recent publication.
  • A significant innovation and development in the field of oncology pharmacy practice. 
  • Implementation of an oncology pharmacy program which makes a contribution to patient care or practice.
  • Research which contributes to knowledge of cancer patient care, pharmacotherapy or oncology pharmacy practice.
  • Involvement in initiatives aimed at improving oncology pharmacy practice in the workplace.

Call for nominations 

The call for nominations will be posted on the CAPhO website at the end of each year for nominations for contributions during that year. There will be an announcement in the CAPhO E-newsletter and as well as a notification sent to all CAPhO Committee and CAPhO Taskforce members. The deadline for nominations was Monday, December 10, 2018.

How to nominate

The person nominating should submit a 1 to 2-page letter indicating why the nominee(s) would be a good candidate for the award and detail all the relevant information of the nominee(s). This letter should include all contact details of both the nominator and the nominee(s) and submitted via the online Awards and Travel Grants Application site.

Selection of candidates

Once the deadline for nomination has passed, all of the nominations are reviewed by the Awards Committee and the successful candidate is chosen based on the criteria in this description as well as the content of the application letter. The Awards Committee reserves the right to forego awarding this award.

Presentation of award

The award recipient(s) will be announced and presented at the CAPhO Conference Social Evening or Annual General Meeting in the same year as the nomination. The award recipient(s) is/are responsible for attending the event at their own expense.