Drug Interactions Workshop

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The Drug Interactions Workshop was held on Thursday, April 25, 2019 from 11:30 to 16:30 in conjunction with the CAPhO Conference 2019.

Thank you to everyone who attended.


In small groups, you will work through drug interaction cases with the support of expert facilitators. The cases will be typical of clinically relevant drug interactions you will encounter in oncology pharmacy practice. You and your group will make a series of decisions including interpretation of the drug interaction resource information, prioritization of drug interactions, development of a pharmaceutical care plan including a recommendation, clinical rationale, communication of your plan, and creation of a patient follow up and/or monitoring plan.


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Session Descriptions

Case 1: Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) and Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (TKI) Interaction

case 1 proton pump inhibitorAuthor: Iryna Knyazevych, BSc, BScPharm, PharmD
(This Case was used in the 2018 Drug Interactions Workshop)

This case focuses on discussion around co-administration of acid suppressive therapy with TKIs, particularly, dasatinib and the clinical significance of potential CYP 450 isoenzyme drug interactions with dasatinib.

Meet the patient
MK is a 47-year-old male. Over the last several months, MK has been feeling generally unwell, which prompted him to see his family doctor. A routine blood test was ordered as part of the investigation. Consequently, MK received a diagnosis of Philadelphia Chromosome positive chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML).

Recommended reading
van Leeuwen RW, van Gelder T, Mathijssen RH, Jansman FG. Drug-drug interactions with tyrosine-kinase inhibitors: a clinical perspective. Lancet Oncol. 2014 Jul;15(8):e315-26.

Case 2: Erlotinib in a Heavy Smoker

case 2 erlotinib in a heavy smokerAuthorAnnette Kempston, BScPharm

This case focuses on discussion around targeted treatment of NSCLC patients with EGFR mutations and the use of erlotinib, an EGFR-specific tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

Meet the patient
RM is a 72-year-old male who is a heavy smoker. He visited his family physician for his routine annual physical exam as he had a history of new onset hemoptysis. He described streaks of blood in his phlegm but otherwise was feeling well. After a series of medical tests, RM arrives at your oral anti-cancer clinic as he has just been prescribed erlotinib for metastatic NSCLC. He has voiced his preference to continue smoking and does not wish to make any lifestyle changes at this point in time.

Recommended reading
Hughes AN, O'Brien ME, Petty WJ, et al. Overcoming CYP1A1/1A2 mediated induction of metabolism by escalating erlotinib dose in current smokers. J Clin Oncol. 2009;27(8):1220-1226.

Case 3: Antiretroviral Drug Interactions in Oncology

case 3 antiretroviral drug interactionsAuthorMarie Jam Bravo, PharmD, RPh, ACPR

This case focuses on discussion around the use of integrase inhibitors as standard components of combined antiretroviral therapy (cART) as well as on drug interactions between pharmacokinetic enhancers such as cobicistat.

Meet the patient
CK is a 63-year-old HIV-positive male. Over the last four months, CK reported losing approximately 10 kilograms due to loss of appetite. He attributed his loss of appetite to feeling generally unwell (fatigue and night sweats). Bloodwork was ordered as part of the initial investigation and showed leukopenia, thrombocytopenia and elevated LDH which prompted a referral to a hematologist. After a detailed work up, CK was found to have Stage II diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, so CK was scheduled for R-CHOP chemotherapy. CK was referred to you for assessment of possible drug interactions between his cART and chemotherapy regimen prior to starting treatment.

Recommended readings

Wong A, Tseng A. Antiretroviral-Chemotherapy Interactions: CHOP Regimen.

Wong A, Tseng A. Antiretroviral Interactions with Chemotherapy Regimens.

Larson K, Wang K, Delille C, et al. Pharmacokinetic enhancers in HIV Therapeutics. Clin Pharmacokinet (2014) 53:865-872.

Case Authors

Iryna Knyazevych

Iryna Knyazevych, BSc, BScPharm, PharmD, Pharmacy Educator, Cross Cancer Institute, Alberta Health Services, Alberta

Prior to going on maternity leave, Iryna was a pharmacy educator at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta. She received her BScPharm from the University of Alberta in 2013 at which point she pursued a career in community pharmacy, followed by hospital practice. Iryna completed her PharmD at the University of Alberta in 2016. Her areas of interest include chronic pain management and palliative care. Iryna enjoys facilitating Practice Labs and giving lectures at the University of Alberta; she also enjoys precepting students and residents. Iryna is a member of CAPhO Drug Interaction Task Force.

Annette Kempston

Annette Kempston, BScPharm, Pharmacist, Alberta Health Services, CancerControl, Alberta

Annette is a pharmacist at the Tom Baker Cancer Center (TBCC) in Calgary, Alberta. She received her BScPharm from UBC in 1999 and subsequently worked in the retail setting for approximately 6 years. She moved on to work at the Canmore General Hospital in 2006 and then to TBCC in 2008. She has worked in a variety of roles while at TBCC including Hematology, Special Access, Oral Chemotherapy Management, Pharmacy Educator, Drug Program Support, Resource Development as well as the Alaris Pump Drug Library. Annette has a special interest in patient safety and has worked collabortively to develop an online chemotherapy checking training module.

Marie Jam Bravo

Marie Jam Bravo, PharmD, RPh, ACPR, Regional Medical Liaison – Hematology/Oncology, Celgene Inc., Mississauga, Ontario

Marie is a Regional Medical Liaison for Multiple Myeloma / Lymphoma at Celgene Inc. She received her PharmD from the University of Toronto in 2015 and subsequently completed the Hospital Pharmacy Residency Program at the University Health Network in 2016. She is a former malignant hematology clinical pharmacist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. She is also a consultant clinical pharmacist at Casey House, Canada's first and only stand-alone hospital for people with HIV/AIDS.


Case Reviewers

Melanie Danilak

Melanie Danilak, BScPharm, ACPR, MEd, Clinical Practice Leader, Alberta Health Services, Alberta

Melanie is a Clinical Practice Leader and Residency Coordinator with Alberta Health Services and maintains a clinical practice in an ambulatory breast cancer clinic. She is also a clinical adjunct professor with the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta. In addition to being an active CAPhO member, Melanie is a board member of the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners and of the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board.

Danica Wasney

Danica Wasney, BScPharm, ACPR, BCOP, Clinical Pharmacist, CancerCare Manitoba, Manitoba

Danica is a clinical pharmacist at CancerCare Manitoba where she works within Provincial Oncology Drug Program on the provincial implementation of new systemic therapies, including co-chairing the Formulary Management Team. She is a past member of the Expert Review Committee for the pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) at the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH). She graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Manitoba and completed an Accredited Hospital Pharmacy Residency at The Ottawa Hospital. She is a Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist, a member of the CAPhO Research Committee, and a past member of the CAPhO Education Committee.


Workshop Facilitators

Jennifer Jupp

Jennifer Jupp, BScPharm, BCOP, Pharmacy Clinical Practice Leader,  Hematology, Oncology,  Blood and Marrow Transplant, Alberta Health Services - Calgary Zone, Alberta

Jennifer graduated from the University of Alberta in 2000, obtaining her Board Certification in Oncology in 2007. She began her clinical practice with the Inpatient Hematology and Blood and Marrow Transplant (BMT) Team at the Foothills Medical Centre in 2000, transitioning to her current position as Pharmacy Clinical Practice Leader in 2011. Since then, she practices with the Pediatric BMT team at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. Jennifer was the CAPhO President from 2012 to 2013. She has a keen interest in research and currently chairs the Research Committee for the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners.

Tara Leslie

Tara Leslie, BSP, BCOP, APA, Clinical Pharmacist and Clinical Assistant Professor, Tom Baker Cancer Centre, and Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta, Alberta

Tara attained her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSP) degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1997, obtained her Board Certification in Oncology Pharmacy (BCOP) in 2010, and acquired her Additional Prescribing Authority (APA) in 2013. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta where she teaches oncology related curriculum in a variety of courses and is a part of the experiential education team. Tara maintains a clinical practice within an ambulatory hematology/oncology clinic at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.  She is an active member of CAPhO.

Glenn Myers

Glenn Myers, BScPharm, ACPR, Clinical Oncology Pharmacist, Ambulatory Oncology, Horizon Health Network, New Brunswick

Glenn is a clinical pharmacist in outpatient oncology and emergency medicine at The Moncton Hospital in Moncton, New Brunswick. Glenn completed a BSc (Pharmacy) at Dalhousie University in 2011 and subsequently went on to complete his hospital residency at the Saint John Regional Hospital in Saint John, NB. Glenn has been in oncology for 6 years and focuses on clinical assessment and management of chemotherapy and immune related adverse effects. Glenn enjoys teaching and mentoring various levels of pharmacy learners, as well as providing education to healthcare professionals regarding oncology therapeutics.


Webinar Creators

Sarah Zorzit

Sarah Zorzit, BSc, BScPharm, RPh, CDE, Clinical Pharmacist – Outpatient and Retail Pharmacy, Algoma District Cancer Centre, Sault Area Hospital, Ontario

Sarah is a pharmacist at the iCcare Pharmacy, Sault Area Hospital’s (SAH) outpatient pharmacy providing specialized cancer care to the Algoma District Cancer Program. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at the University of Waterloo in 2014 and is currently enrolled in her Doctor of Pharmacy program. Sarah assisted in opening SAH’s retail pharmacy in 2017, which includes a unique interprofessional collaboration to initiate and monitor a patient’s take-home cancer therapies. Her interests also include supportive oncology medications, HIV therapies, diabetes, and retail operations. Sarah attended the CAPhO Drug Interaction Workshop in 2017 is a member of the CAPhO Drug Interactions Committee for 2018.

Gabriel Gazze

Gabriel Gazzé, BScPharm, DPH, BCOP, Pharmacist, Cedars Cancer Center, MUHC- Royal Victoria Hospital, Quebec

Gabriel graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculté de Pharmacie de l’Université de Montréal in 1991. He completed his residency in Hospital Pharmacy at the Royal Victoria Hospital in 1992. Since 1994, Gabriel has worked as a pharmacist in Hematology-Oncology at the McGill University Health Center at the Royal Victoria Hospital. He was a member of the NCIC CTG Pharmacists Network Steering Group from 1998 to 2004 and was President of the Regroupement des Pharmaciens ayant un intérêt en Oncologie (RPO) de l’APESQ (Association des pharmaciens en établissements de santé du Québec) from 2002 to 2005. He was a CAPhO Executive Committee member from 2001 to 2007, completing his term as President in 2006-2007. He was the recipient of the CAPhO Distinguished Service Award in 2013.

Louisa Pang

Louisa Pang, BScPharm, Clinical Pharmacist, BC Cancer, BC

Louisa is a clinical pharmacist at BC Cancer in British Columbia. She received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at UBC. She is the Lymphoma Tumor Group Pharmacist and is involved in creating and revising lymphoma protocols for BC Cancer. She provides pharmaceutical care to patients on the ward and in various ambulatory care clinics such as lymphoma, genitourinary, and pain and symptom management. She is also the Lymphoma Preceptor for the Pharmacy Practice Residency Program at BC Cancer as well as the Preceptor for the on-site visits for pharmacy students taking the Pharm 458 Oncology course.


Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Assessing patient information and evaluating drug interaction resource materials to identify and prioritize drug interactions commonly seen in oncology practice.
  • Integrating critical thinking and “shared decision making” into drug interaction assessment to develop appropriate recommendations and create suitable monitoring plans.
  • Communicating drug interaction(s) with patients and/or care team providers.


The Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) is a national organization established to accredit continuing pharmacy education programs intended to be delivered to pharmacy professionals from more than one province or nationally. CCCEP accreditation is recognized by the pharmacy regulatory authorities in all provinces and territories of Canada.

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