Better Together

Cancer care is complex. Successful and optimal care provision requires the contribution of many stakeholders; including collaboration with patients and their families. Oncology pharmacy is an integral component to cancer care delivery.

Every person with a diagnosis of cancer deserves to meet an oncology pharmacist during their care, and benefit from the expertise of a specialized pharmacy team. The oncology pharmacy team helps to ensure treatment appropriateness, accuracy and efficacy in a timely process that is specific to each individual patient. We deliver comprehensive medication services through our specialized knowledge of pharmacotherapies and anticancer therapies. Oncology pharmacists counsel patients in such a way that they can understand their therapy. Our relationships with both the interdisciplinary care team and the patient enhance cancer care delivery.

Our theme of Better Together centers on the idea of the benefits and successes achieved by pharmacy collaboration with patients and other cancer care providers. The Conference program will illustrate how oncology pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can incorporate and refine practices that will make us better together.

We look forward to seeing you at #CAPhOCon18 in Ottawa-Gatineau. We believe having a national oncology pharmacy organization for advocating our profession truly makes us ‘Better Together’.