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The following is the handout from my session at #ISOPP14 on social media:

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Are you attending ISOPP 2014 in Montreal? Are you holding down the fort at your home site and unable to attend?

Well, either way you can follow along live with the following Twitter feed. For those unable to attend, feel like you are virtually there and feel free to add to the conversation. Tweet in touch, using #ISOPP14 hashtag:

(Note: you can scroll down through all the tweets below)

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MASCC 2013 - Report from Nikki Ryan

The following is Nikki's report from our 2013 fall eNewsletter. Following that, please see the presentation she gave to staff at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary, AB.

This past June I was given the opportunity to travel to the annual MASCC/ISOO symposium that was held in Berlin, Germany. This conference delivered top-notch education and covered a vast collection of topics...Read more

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by Amy Smith (as part of her...Read more

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by Amy Smith (as part of her Green Oncology series ) The Issue:

Complex patient issues require us to dig into...Read more

In case you missed it, CAPhO's Tom MacFarlane was tweeting live from ASH 2013 (#ASH13). ASH '13 is the American Society of Hematology's 2013 meeting, taking place in New Orleans, LA (#NOLA). In what was nothing short of an amazing effort, Tom, using CAPhO's Twitter account, placed us 9th out of over...Read more

by Amy Smith (as part of her Green Oncology series )

Working in oncology, we all have some desire to continuously learn. If we didn’t, we would quickly fall behind in practice, as oncology is a forever changing world. I too enjoy learning and being a student even if it means late nights studying and a significant portion of my income being donated to Starbucks .

This fall, I began the...Read more

We are pleased to announce CAPhO's own Tom MacFarlane plans to tweet live from ASH 2013 (#ASH13). ASH '13 is the American Society of Hematology's 2013 meeting, taking place in New Orleans, LA (#NOLA).

You can follow the @CAPhO_ACPh O (click on link) twitter account for all of his tweets or simply check in to see this live updated blog which will auto-update.


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We hope all participants had a safe journey back to their respective destinations after an outstanding NOPS. The NOPS planning committee made the final official NOPS one to remember and the CAPhO Conference will carry on the tradition and continue to build upon all the momentum gained over the years.

Take a glance back at some of the great highlights from this past weekend's conference from the perspective of our social media all-stars. This is our #NOP2013 tweetcap (Twitter recap) - scroll down through and you can click "load more" to...Read more

Guest post by Melanie Danilak, BSc. Pharm, ACP (Pharmacy Clinical Educator, Cross Cancer Institute, Alberta Health Services)

By now we have all been approached by our patients who are confused about what they have heard on the news or read in the local paper: should I be taking tamoxifen for longer than 5 years? Results of the ATLAS (Adjuvant Tamoxifen: Longer Against Shorter) trial 1 , presented at SABCS 2012 and published in Lancet in March, 2013 had many of us re-thinking our usual "stop after 5 years" advice regarding adjuvant tamoxifen duration. The presentation of...Read more