If Hockey Won't Fight Cancer, Hockey Fans Will (The Hockey Writers)



A great cause intiated by my colleague at The Hockey Writers, Ross Bonander, who is also a healthcare journalist. While this is not directly an oncology pharmacy post, it is safe to say the NHL lockout is on the minds of at least a portion of members as well as friends and family, spawning plenty of water cooler talk. The ramifications of the lockout are felt well beyond the NHL teams, players and fans. The lesser talked about impact is on the charities affected. This is what this initiative is all about. I thought it was a good cause to share with you and feel free to share with other colleagues, friends and family.

From The Hockey Writers:

"The other day I wrote “Who Fights Cancer in a Lockout?” at Overtime, noting that should the lockout cancel games in October, it also cancels the biggest charity initiative of the NHL season, “Hockey Fights Cancer” (HFC). This means that the league, the players, and the fans won’t take part in the league-wide initiative, resulting in about $1 million not going to cancer charities this year.

Well if the NHL won’t do it, and the NHLPA can’t do it, then we the fans should.

To that end, I’ve created a grassroots fundraising team with the Livestrong Foundation entitled “Hockey Fans Fight Cancer.”

100 % of donations go to Livestrong.


100 % of donations go straight to Livestrong, meaning your donation never changes hands except from you to them.
Charity & foundation watchdog CharityWatch ranks Livestrong among the highest cancer charities operating today so you can trust your donation is being put to good use.
The lockout means plenty of leftover hockey-related revenue. All I’m asking is a donation of $1 to $5 per fan.
To visit the team page or to make a donation, click HERE.
The NHL can afford to act leisurely. Cancer patients cannot. As a cancer care advocate for people diagnosed with blood disorders, and as someone who has lost somebody close to me to cancer, I can vouch for that reality. If you prefer to donate to another charity, like Susan G. Komen or Prostate CancerCanada or the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, please do.
This is a chance to show the world that the bottom-line driven, fan-neglected choices made by NHL ownership don’t define us as a fan base."
Ross Bonander, hockey fan

This article was originally published at The Hockey Writers: