Honour a CAPhO Colleague: Dress in Blue on March 25th

This was forwarded to us from a colleague of Larry's:

"In honour of Larry Broadfield, CCNS [Cancer Care Nova Scotia] Staff are participating in Dress in Blue Day March 25th, 2015."

"Dress in Blue Day is a fund-raiser for the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. To that end, we have created a team "Broadfield's Buddies". If you'd like to make a contribution (no pressure) click here or go to www.dressinblue.ca and search on Broadfield's Buddies.

Jill [a colleague of Larry's] called Larry to get his permission to set up the team and he was truly touched by the idea; no pressure on the fundraising side but if you are one of the people who asked "what can I do?", then Dress in Blue on March 25th, 2015.

Please share this with others who may be interested."


For those who may not know Larry, from CAPhO's history page:

"In 1990, Larry Broadfield and John McBride formed the Canadian Association of Pharmacy in Oncology (CAPhO). The first Executive Committee consisted of Larry Broadfield as President, Jeff Barnett as Vice-President and Julie Levesque as Secretary-Treasurer.

Honour and Show Support for a Colleague

Philip and I plan to dress in blue on March 25th - I encourage CAPhO colleagues to do the same - would love to see photos if you do! Send them to communications @ capho.org