Drug Shortages - Presentation

The seemingly neverending saga of drug shortages was one of the subjects we wanted to highlight on The CAPhO Compass. There is no shortage of information to be found from various associations and media outlets. We'll attempt to tease out and showcase some of the more useful content.

The first of what is hoped to be a series of posts on this issue is a Powerpoint presentation by an oncology pharmacist resident, Kristin Anderson, who presented on this topic to pharmacy technicians and pharmacists in an oncology setting in August, 2011. The objectives of her talk were to:

• Identify what a drug shortage is.

• Discuss possible causes of drug shortages.
• Discuss the consequences of drug shortages.
• Examine the drug shortage situation in Canada.
The following is a condensed version of her presentation:

Many thanks to Kristin for allowing us to share her excellent presentation with you all.

Feel free to share you experiences with the drug shortage as it relates to your oncology pharmacy practice - comments, challenges and success stories are all welcomed.

- Chris


Christopher Ralph - Communications Committee Chair