CAPhO Communications: Passing the Torch

I am truly excited about the future of CAPhO.


I’m excited for the initiatives we are set to embark on achieving, and encouraged by those enthusiastic and engaged members who will help chart and explore these pathways.


This makes it easier to pass on the torch to the next to be Chair of the Communications Committee, Soha, as I do so with mixed emotions, or maybe an emulsion of emotions, as they all blend in together...


In 2009-10, I was recruited to be Communications Officer for CAPhO by then president Dana Cole. It was thought my skillset with creating websites and blogs  would be of great value as CAPhO planned to makeover the website. After my inquiring mind was set to rest after a barrage of questions to the executive, I settled into the role and we endeavoured to redo the website, and, upon my urging, makeover the logo as well.


It became evident that this role could usually use extra member support so a committee of one gradually expanded to an actual committee as we recruited members with an interest in this area.


I also setup a myriad of social media accounts for CAPhO with initial focus on growing Facebook and Twitter presence, both to inform members of CAPhO happenings and to grow CAPhO’s presence externally.


My experience with CAPhO has been beyond rewarding with the connections with fellow passionate oncology pharmacy practitioners I have made, the knowledge I have accumulated, and the projects I have seen come to fruition. Working and connecting with like-minded CAPhO members ignites and renews one’s enthusiasm for our profession.  I like to think that I have given a lot of myself to the worthwhile cause of what CAPhO embodies, while my experience on the executive has given me back exponentially more. I will explore avenues where I can continue to contribute to the further evolvement of CAPhO.


Remember that CAPhO is truly by the members, for the members, and for those who which we impact (patients, caregivers, other healthcare professionals, and so on). I implore you that if you want to really make a difference in the realm of oncology pharmacy, volunteer to be on a committee that interests you and/or for an executive position. While no one can really go it alone, given we are volunteer/member driven, when we come together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

I’ll leave you with a sampling of quotes that inspire me:


“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”

~Bruce Lee


“Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.”

~Jim Horning (computer scientist)


“There are no passengers on spaceship earth.

We are all crew.”

~Marshall McLuhan (a Canadian philosopher of communication theory)

[Replace earth with CAPhO and you should get my meaning!]


“Be useful.”

~Scott Adams (cartoonist - Dilbert; author; entrepreneur)


Chris Ralph

CAPhO Communications Officer/Chair 2010-2016