"While completing a Postbaccalaureate PharmD experiential rotation with medSask ( http://medsask.usask.ca/ ), I had the opportunity work alongside Karolina Koziol, a 4 th year pharmacy student at the University of Saskatchewan, Here, Karolina shares her research and thoughts on drug interactions with oral chemotherapy agents." – Amy Smith

Guest Blogger: Karolina Koziol (Pharmacy Intern, University of Saskatchewan)

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the...Read more

Guest post by Melanie Danilak, BSc. Pharm, ACP (Pharmacy Clinical Educator, Cross Cancer Institute, Alberta Health Services)

By now we have all been approached by our patients who are confused about what they have heard on the news or read in the local paper: should I be taking tamoxifen for longer than 5 years? Results of the ATLAS (Adjuvant Tamoxifen: Longer Against Shorter) trial 1 , presented at SABCS 2012 and published in Lancet in March, 2013 had many of us re-thinking our usual "stop after 5 years" advice regarding adjuvant tamoxifen duration. The presentation of...Read more