Research and Learning Grants available to CAPhO members

CAPhO’s extensive grant program offers its members the opportunity to apply for funding for their research projects or to participate in ongoing education.

Research Grants

CAPhO’s Research Grants program offers up to $15,000 per year in funds to support research in basic pharmaceutical sciences, clinical pharmacy or any area of investigation relevant to oncology pharmacy practice in Canada. The grant applications must identify at least one principal investigator who is an active CAPhO member. To learn more about the eligibility and application requirements visit the Research Grants page of the CAPhO website and forward this news post to interested colleagues.

Learning Grants

There are many online courses and educational events available to pharmacists, technicians, pharmacy assistants and students. The CAPhO Learning Grants Program is available to help cover the partial or full cost of completing online continuing education.  Which opportunity do you qualify for?

Being a CAPhO member has many benefits. Take advantage and submit your application today!

For questions about the Research and Learning Grant program, please contact