Member Research Update

In the Canadian post-legalization context, there has been increased interest in medical cannabis use by cancer patients, and many are exploring this alternative therapy. The Cannabis Consultation Service was established at Odette Cancer Centre in 2019 to meet this patient need. Through the research study, Perceptions and Experiences of Cancer Patients Accessing a Pharmacist-led Medical Cannabis Consultation Service in Toronto, Canada, Maria Marchese and Carlo De Angelis seek to establish the groundwork for outpatient oncology medical cannabis services by pharmacists. This is achieved by seeking to better understand and subsequently incorporate the patient perspective into our processes. The primary objective is to describe the patient experience accessing the pharmacist-led Cannabis Consultation Service; however, numerous secondary objectives will be explored. Qualitative, on-on-one virtual interviews are currently being conducted with a small number of patients who have accessed the service, and analyzed using the realist perspective for major themes. This work is being completed as part of the Masters of Science in Pharmacy program and the CAPhO research grant. Stay tuned for the final results which will be presented at CAPhO 2022, and for preliminary description of our service at CAPhO Conference 2021!

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