CAPhO’s Response to Budget 2021

CAPhO and its members believe in providing the best care possible for patients with cancer today and into the future. Cancer care expands beyond providing medications to patients. As oncology pharmacists and technicians, we support patients at every step of their treatment plan. This support reaches past the clinic and extends into research labs, educational institutions, and communities.

CAPhO welcomes the federal government’s healthcare commitments released in Budget 2021, as they support CAPhO members and our patients’ cancer care. We are especially happy with the three following commitments:

  1. The $4 billion one-time top-up to the Canada Health Transfer that responds to the immediate needs of provinces and territories for increased financial support that targets healthcare (due to the pandemic).
  2. The $30 million targeted for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to fund pediatric cancer research that can lead to better outcomes and healthier lives for these young patients.
  3. The $20 million to support a National Institute for Women’s Health Research, which will be tasked with researching female-specific diseases, such as ovarian cancer.

We applaud movements towards a national universal pharmacare program and an extension of the employment insurance sickness benefits. These endeavors help our patients financially, allowing them to focus on their cancer care.