CAPhO Connections Podcast Episode 12 Available

CAPhO Connections Podcast Series keeps the oncology pharmacy community informed on matters affecting you and updated on CAPhO’s news related to education, awards, advocacy, and research.

Episode 12 - The Role of the Pharmacist in Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Management

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Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize the spectrum of immune mediated adverse events (imAE) with ICIs and apply management principles using the five pillars of imAE management
  • Discuss challenges with identification and management of imAEs with combination therapy such as ICI + TKIs
  • Review clinically relevant pharmacodynamic drug interactions with ICIs and with practical management tips
  • Describe the role of the pharmacist in caring for patients receiving ICIs

Guests for this episode: Glenn Myers

Glenn Myers is a pharmacist with a focus in outpatient medical oncology at the Dr. Sheldon H Rubin Oncology Clinic in Moncton, New Brunswick. Glenn completed a BSc (Pharmacy) at Dalhousie University in 2011 and subsequently went on to complete his hospital residency at the Saint John Regional Hospital in New Brunswick. Glenn has been practicing in ambulatory oncology for over 10 years and focuses on clinical assessment and management of chemotherapy, oral anti-cancer and immune related adverse effects in patients with cancer. Glenn maintains an active role as the chair of the sponsorship committee with the Canadian Association of Pharmacy in Oncology (CAPhO). Glenn’s other professional interests include teaching and mentoring various levels of pharmacy learners, providing practical education to healthcare professionals, working with retail pharmacies to improve oncology patient care in the community, and performing oncology pharmacy practice-based research to advance the scope of oncology pharmacy.