Drug Interactions Webinar

Assessing Cancer Drug Interactions Beyond Lexicomp

Presented by Alisha Shivji


Drug interactions have a significant potential to cause harm and can lead to toxicity or suboptimal cancer treatment. Consequences of drug interactions are largely preventable, so we as pharmacists can play a big role in preventing adverse outcomes.

After this webinar, you'll be able to:

  • Understand principles of drug interaction assessment
  • Assess common drug interactions in oncology
  • Apply assessment principles to case scenarios


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About the Author:

Alisha is a clinical pharmacist on the inpatient oncology unit at Foothills Medical Centre and at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy from University of Alberta in 2019, after which she completed an oncology pharmacy residency with Alberta Health Services. Her practice was focused on outpatient hematology from 2020 to 2021 and after which she shifted to inpatient hematology and blood and marrow transplant, with a special interest in adult inpatient malignant hematology. She took a special interest in management drug interactions with COVID-19 treatments in order to advocate for use of oral treatments over intravenous options, when possible. She has since presented on managing oncology drug interactions at the CSHP Alberta branch conference. Alisha continues to take an interest in working on building and sharing her own knowledge and practical skills around approaching cancer drug interactions.