Summary Report

I had the incredible opportunity to attend the CAPhO conference in person this year. I was able to engage with inspiring pharmacists from all over Canada and I am excited to share some of the highlights of the conference.

One of the concurrent sessions was about the success and challenges of implementing DYPD genotyping service for patients starting 5-FU and capecitabine, presented by Carlo DeAngelis. During the presentation, Carlo mentioned that genotyping-based dose reduction did not compromise efficacy, as demonstrated by the findings from a systemic review published by Sarah Glewis. This was a thrilling moment for me, as I had the opportunity to meet Sarah in person at the ISOPP (International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners) conference in early March 2023. She presented on the PACIFIC-PGx clinical trial, where she discussed the feasibility of a pharmacy-led service for DPYD and UGT1A1 testing. Following the presentation, I enthusiastically shared the details of the clinical trial with Carlo. He was particularly intrigued by the use of cheek swab kits for DNA sampling, as it offered a more convenient alternative to blood test. Furthermore, after the presentation, I had the opportunity to connect with pharmacists from Quebec who had already implemented the DPYD genotyping service since last year. Carlo and I gained valuable insights from their experience, particularly in strategies for dose re-escalation in patients who tolerated cycle 1 well. 
When I returned to work, my Pharmacy Practice Leader appreciated these updates and practical resources brought back from the conference. In the ever-evolving field of oncology, collaboration is key to achieving innovation and meaningful advancements in practice.

The final plenary session was titled “The Power of Maximizing Engagement and Energy to Avoid Burnout”, presented by Dr. Karyn Gordon. She provided valuable insights on the essential elements of true success: Purpose, Professional, People, Profit, Play, and Physical. It was a powerful reminder of the importance of self-care, as it enables us to continuously care for our patients and those around us.

This year's conference highlighted the significance of collaboration in the current era of progress and changes. I am so grateful to the Awards Committee for the travel grant, and look forward to attending the CAPhO conference next year!

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